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The primary currency consists of florins, groschen, and pfenniges. Per the manual:

"Money is counted in three denominations: gold florins, silver groschen, and silver pfenniges. Because distribution of wealth and wages were so different, comparisons to modern currency are impossible. In general, florins are very valuable, but are used only in large transactions; groschen are fairly valuable and are in daily use, pfenniges are "small change," important only to the very poor."

12 pfenniges equals 1 groschen, and 20 groschen equals 1 florin. So each florin equals 240 pfenniges.

Bank Notes[]

Characters are able to purchase florin notes from banks in various cities and towns.


Pfennigs were a German coin that were used in various forms from the 9th century into the 20th century, being replaced by the modern Euro. The name comes from the Swedish word "penning," which is the same word the British "penny" comes from.